new for Father’s Day 2016.

Once again this Spring Lush has created a limited edition bath bomb that i am head over heels about. This Superdad bath bomb is to remind of us of Superman and the red S symbol he has on his chest. Because sometimes Dads are our Superman.
This is the first bath bomb that Lush has ever made for Father’s Day. This bath bomb has a sandalwood and frankincense combination. I adore sandalwood, it and frankincense are two of my favorite fragrance notes.

This bath bomb is a sloooow fizzer. It lasted my entire bath. I would buy 10 of these. Based on that criteria, i would rate this a 5 out of 5 bath bomb.
I highly suggest getting one.
Here’s a demo and review video i made of this bath bomb. I LOVE the scent. And the blue water is like the Aegean sea.

File Feb 14, 11 38 55 AM


4 out of 5 rating.

Has a nice fruity scent. Orange-y.

This new for Father’s Day 2016, 2017, and 2018. This is the first bubble bar that Lush has ever made for Father’s Day.  Modfather has an orange scent. Like a free peeled orange. No glitter, but gorgeous azure colored water. It’s a regular sized 100g bar. It made LOADS of bubbles as you can see.

File Feb 14, 11 37 27 AM

Here’s a demo and review video i did of this bubble bar 🙂