Cherry Blossom

5 out of 5 rating

This gets my vote for prettiest Lush bubble bar.

This is lovely and smells of rosewood, cedarwood and lemon oil.   It smells sweet and lovely.

Lovely, delicate pink bubbles.  It’s more conditioning than most lush bubble bars.

This leaves a silver- pink glittery shimmer in the water.  This bubble bar has the whole package.  I was surprised that it made the bath water moisturizing as well as fairy-like.  It smells slightly perfumey, and woody, but the woodiness is tempered by the bright lemon.

Video showing the pink and silver water is below

The nice thing about this bubble bar is that it comes with two bars on one stick.  It falls into the category “almost too pretty to use’.  I bought multiple.  I bought 4 or 5 of them, so even though i’ve used them i still have my ‘display’ cherry blossom. 🙂



Here’s a demo video I made of the Cherry Blossom in the bath.