Lush Oxford Street Exclusive Products

In 2015 Lush opened their first ‘Superstore’ in London in the Oxford Street area.

As I bought every product that they introduced there, I created short video review/tub demos of the Oxford street Exclusive products in the list below.

So now You can see photos of each of them, and watch their demos by clicking on any of their product names below.

It’s their first multi-story store.  Having many areas and floors, there’s a soap area, a spa on the bottom floor, and a a fun bar station, walls of soap, and every visual treat you can imagine around of every corner.

Fanciful displays of ‘paper soap’ and other fun and useful bath products.

And of course, being lush, everything is freshly made, with fresh fruits, vegetables,  Flowers, and plants. Everything is cruelty free and environmentally friendly, with little to no packaging. And most of their products are Vegan  friendly.

Lush introduces all new creations here first.  All world-wide Lush limited edition, and holiday products appear here first.  So keep a watch out for this page whenever there’s news of a Holiday coming.


Oxford Street Exclusive Holiday Limited Edition products 

Down the Rabbit Hole (Easter 2016 only)

Error 404

Flutterby (Mother’s Day 2016 only)

Hal soap

Heartthrob (Valentine’s 2016 only)

Honey I Washed the Kids jelly

Madame Butterfly (Spring 2016 only)

Magic Bubbles

Mother of Dragons

Mum (Spring 2016 only)


Ponche shower gel self preserved in 4 sizes!

Roller (Spring 2016 only)

Rose Jam shower jelly

Twilight shower jelly

Somewhere Over the Rainbow (Spring 2016 holiday only)

Spring Bunny (Easter 2016 gift set only)

Tisty Tosty (Valentine’s 2016 only)

Snow Melt


Tulip (Spring 2016 only)

Tweet (Easter 2016 only)Here’s a video of the very first Lush Oxford street catalog, where everything debuts before anywhere else gets them in stores.


Non Holiday Exclusive Oxford Street products

Bath Bombs

Golden Slumbers

Ylang Song


Bubble Bars 

Cherry Blossom

Little Dragon




Bath oil balls/Melts 


Snow Melt (Christmas 2016 only)

Cloak of InvisibilitY



Amelie Mae

Cardamom and Coffee

I’m Home


Sweet Grandma

What Would Love Do

Superworld Unkown

Princess Cottongrass

Uptown Funk



 Shower Gels/Shower Creams

  • Oxford Street sells all the shower gels that other lush stores have, but the Oxford street store is the only Lush store to carry four sizes instead of three.  In addition to the 100g, 250g, and 500g bottles, at Oxford street All shower gels come in an extra large 1kg size!  £27.50 / $48.00
  • In addition to the regular in store showewr gels, these five shower gels are exclusive to this store.

29 High Street

Demon in the Shower

Lord of Misrule

Plum Rain



Shower Jellies

Honey I Washed the Kids

Rose Jam





(the following showders are sold on the UK website)

Life’s a Beach


Shower sheets/Wash cards

(natural pulp made ‘paper’ to wash with in the shower) made with Lush fragrances such as “Beautiful’, ‘Vanillary’ scent, Don’t Rain on my Parade, etc.

Best Washes

Cardomom and Coffee

Dear Santa (Christmas 2016 only)


Smuggler’s Soul

Wash You Were Here



Oxford Street soap

Gourmet soaps

Drop of Hope

Holy Cacao!

Masai Lather Dark brown

Mallorquin toffee colored, made with almond milk, almond syrup, and ground almonds.


Olive Tree Green softening facial soap with olive oil

Ro’s Argan



Deo for BO



Body fragrance spray

Uptown Funk


Princess Cottongrass


Rose Jam

Honey I Washed the Kids


FUN bars

Mermaid FUN bat blue pink yellow (big blue)

Speedboat FUN bar


Face Masks

Havana Sunrise rhoulade face scrub

Prince of Darkness 6.50

The Man in the Mushroom 

 Make up 

Lip Tints


Lip Stain (£12)



‘Shades Of’  lipcolor blocks





Eye Jewels £10 a solid triangle of color  that dries like a powder and can be put on either with a brush or like a crayon













Earth Eye Shadow Powders












Liquid Eyeliners







Face Colour supplement £9.50

Light Brown

Dark Brown


Blusher Powder £15.50



Refresher Bronzer Powder



Eyebrow Crayons £7

Eyebrow Pomade £7


‘Lush Oxford Street’ tote

Lush Spa tote


Knot Wraps

Oxford Street

World map

British flag


Iron ons


Here’s an 8 minute video of the entire store made by lushie_4_life


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  84. Thank you for all your videos and blogs about lush!! You are so informative and knowledgeable about every lush product and have helped me choose what to get. Thank you!!!

    Instagram: australian_lushie

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  140. Absolutely love your Instagram and YouTube. I do live in the UK but 4 hours away from London 😩 Hopefully I can visit there soon 😅❤️

    • The products without citrus would be best. They have a facial moisturizer for sensitive skin called ‘Celestial’. And their ‘butterball’ bath bomb is soothing. They also have lotions for sensitive skin. The solid shampoo ‘lullaby’ is good for sensitive skin. Has such a pretty smell. And they have a soap with oatmeal in it which soothes skin. There are quite a few. Dream cream lotion is the best for sensitive skin. It has lavender, oat milk, etc in it. I used that on my kids.

  141. I used this page exclusively when my coworker went to England and offered to bring me back OS goodies and it was so helpful! 💕

    I’m also leaving a comment to be part of your most recent giveaway and I’ll be posting my IG entry shortly @thekarmicfox ☺👍🏻

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    I would love to visit the Oxford Street store! And I ADORE the 29 high street scent!

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    Instagram name:kaymarie3453

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  152. I visited Oxford street back in 2015. I didn’t know that Oxford street existed until one day I was in Lush and was telling the ladies in the store that I was visiting the UK in a few months. They told me to check out Oxford Street and I’m glad that they did, it was three floors of heaven.

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    Instagram: l.y.n.d.s.e.y.23

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  155. I’m new too lush, and just started following your instagram a few weeks ago and i’m obsessed! Your demos are life!! 😍 I just received my first kitchen order and I fell in love with everything! 😍Especially fruity beauty and le grand amour!!! Can’t wait to place my next order on Friday! Thank you for holding such an amazing giveaway!! It would be a dream to win😊
    Good luck to every one!

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    Thanks so much for this article. I’m not sure if my last comment went through. This will help me plan my trip to oxford street so much!!

    Emily – @ emconway6

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    April, your blog is da bomb! (pun intended 😁)

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