Granny Takes a Dip bubble bar

April 2015 – My Video of this below

Debuting at their Oxford Street store in London, and then coming to UK and US stores a month later, this comes at a time when lush were discontinuing their bath bomb of the same name.

I like the bath bomb more than the bubble bar.  There was a whole show involved with the bath bomb.  An unfurling of psychedelic beauty.  Whereas the bubble bar crumbles into the huge amount of bubbles, which is good, after all it is a bubble bar.  But i like the :show” of the bath bomb a bit more.  Dunno if i’ll buy this one again.  The scent wasn’t as strong as i remember the bath bomb to be.  It is a gorgeous looking bubble bar though.

Lush Description:  This ginger, pepper and lemon-scented bubble bar turns your water psychedelic and puts some colour in your life. Simply crumble underneath the running tap to create grounding, spicy bubbles. Its spicy, citrusy scent will pep you up: lemon oil boosts the mood, while ginger and pepper are warming.


List of ingredients
Lemon Oil, Black Pepper Oil, Ginger Oil
We do not test our finished products on animals. We also only purchase from ingredient suppliers who do not test on animals. More.
Here’s a video i made for you