After 8:30

Review: This is nice. I like it more than the other chocolate lush massage bars. It really does smells like peppermint and chocolate. It’s good for rubbing it on your man after a late dinner..

50g 2.75gpb

Ingredients: Cocoa Butter, Dark Chocolate, White Chocolate, Synthetic musk,Peppermint Oil, Perfume.

2001 Lush Times description: Still on the the best sellers, the old favourite After 8:30 attracts people with its mint chocolate scent. Often people want to know if it’s edible and while it wont’ do you any harm if you accidentally lick a body part covered in After 8:30, we’d recommend that you use it for what it does best, moisturizing your skin with cocoa butter and stimulating the mind and body with peppermint which was, incidentally, used by the ancient Hebrews in perfumes because of its aphrodisiac properties. It brings a dinner a deux to the perfect conclusion, and massaging your skin with chocolate is so much better for you than eating it.