Happy Blooming jelly

5 out of 5 rating

See my video review below

This is made with cherry and coconut and smells SO. DAMN. GOOD.

I once bought 6 of these. The jelly is WAY more fragrant than the bath melt which came first.

These lush products in my photo below are all in the same scent family.

it has a strong cherry fragrance. Some folks think it’s too sickly sweet or fake smelling. While it’s certainly strong it’s not a fake scent because it’s loaded with real cherries. And it also contains coconut. I usually don’t like very sweet things from Lush, but in the case of Happy Blooming it seems to be beyond my control because my mouth actually starts watering when I smell it. In my opinion, the jelly and the lotion are stronger in scent as the melt & the solid fragrance are.