Lush Kitchen menu March 21-25 2016

The sun is shining for longer, chocolate eggs are on the horizon and the ‪#‎LushKitchen‬ has just released their 2016 Easter menu. The splendid Spring is almost in full-swing!
Monday: Which Came First? bath bomb, £6.95, and Carrot soap, £4.50.
Tuesday: Somewhere Over The Rainbow bath bomb, £3.25, and Tweet bubble bar, £3.45.
Wednesday: Pot O’ Gold shower jelly, £7.95, and Chocolala massage bar, £8.95.
Thursday: Down The Rabbit Hole bubble bar, £3.95, and Haagenbath bath bomb, £4.10.
Friday: Choccy Egg bath bomb, £3.75, and Egg hunt soap, £4.50.