Lush Kitchen Menu August 15-19

Here’s a my weekly Lush Kitchen Menu preview Video

I hope it helps.  It’s VERY exciting this upcoming week.

“Light can be found even in the darkest of times and next week’s menu is proof as spooky specials meet uplifting favourites.”

Monday: Smuggler’s Soul facial scrub $11.56 (£8.95) and Skullduggery bath bomb $4.84 (£3.75)
Tuesday: Demon in the Dark soap $5.81 (£4.50) and Demon in the Dark shower gel $14.53 (£11.25)
Wednesday: 13 Rabbits bath melt $5.10 (£3.95) and Narcotick shower gel $14.53 (£11.25)
Thursday: Happy Pill bath bomb $4.84 (£3.75)
Friday: Roller bath bomb $5.10 (£3.95) and Too Drunk emotibomb $4.20 (£3.25)