Love (soap)

This is what the ‘regular’ Love soap looked like.



Here is the Christmas 2007 version


The lush Kitchen will be making this soap once again in 2017.  The Lush Kitchen Love soap will not look like this one, this is a Christmas Love soap. The regular Love soap was

This is a soap i bought from a Lush sister company, the ‘B Never Too busy To Be Beautiful boutique, in 2007

Here’s the current soap
The fragrance is a fruity floral scent.  It has a sweet scent, initially smelling a bit like cinnamon and lemon.  However there’s an apple-y note here as well.  This fruity combo is combined with the heady florals of Rose and Jasmine. It’s very fragrant.

If you’ve tried the Lush “Gay is OK” or the Lush “Lonely Heart‘ bubble bar, then you’ll know what the Love soap smells like.

3 thoughts on “Love (soap)

  1. Hi April, I’m so bummed. I ordered some of the Love Soap. Under the description and ingredients, it doesn’t look similar to the Love Perfume or the Gay is Ok soap at all. The similar products that they have their are Sex Bomb and Yes Yes Yes. I’m wondering if it’s a mistake or if I should cancel my order. It takes forever to get through to them. Let me know if you think differently. Thanks again,

  2. It’s my fault, I was so excited that I ordered a bunch with out reading the description. It was there for all to see. My bad! Can’t figure out why the heck they wouldn’t bring back the Love Perfume Soap, before the Sex Bomb scent. Oh well. Hopefully they’ll bring it out another time soon. Appreciate you double checking for me! :):)

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