Hollywood (aka Fever)

5 out of 5

Hollywood was made to smell like Lush’s “Fever” massage bar. A lot of heady rose scent mixed with calming spiritual sandalwood and sweet jasmine. It reminds me of a 1940’s or 50’s hollywood starlets bath and how that would smell; roses, huge bubbles, perfumey, bold, sexy. “Hollywood” bubble bar seems like it makes even more massive amounts of soft and fragrant bubbles than other Lush bubble bars it seems.


Notes: Lush’s “Mirror Mirror” neck cream also has this same scent. I won a big piece of Fever soap, and a vial of Fever perfume in a contest held by Lush Hilary on the Lush International forum. Just recently (Dec 2005), Lush International made 30ml and 6ml bottles of “Fever” perfume for forum members only to purchase.

Ingredients: Perfume, Rose absolute, Jasmine absolute, Sandalwood oil, candy star (2005) or candy kiss/lips (2003, 2004).

LT Yule 2004 Description: Hollywood Christmases were never much to do with snow, frozen toes and dripping noses. Consider; they were filmed in Los Angeles. However, that was never a good enough reason not to make a Christmas film. To celebrate the studio christmas, complete with fake snow, knitted bobble hats, ice skates and short velvet skirts, we have re-issued our limited edition Hollywood bubble bar slice, scented with sexy Fever fragrance and topped with candy lips (2003/2004, candy kiss 2005).

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