Lush Easter 2017

Since the Lush Kitchen has revealed four exclusive pre-release Easter 2017 items in the Lush Kitchen…I’ll begin my Lush Easter 2017 page now.  As is usual with the other Lush holidays, i will be adding to this page as i get info the products that Lush will sell in 2017. I will be adding my photos, the ingredient and scent information far in advance, so you can have a good idea of what to expect and can feel better about your purchasing decisions.

Other products listed below are Easter products which Lush has offered. I’m adding more to this page Thursday afternoon.

Big Blue Egg bath bomb

Bunch of Carrots

Chick ‘n’ Mix

Chocolate lip scrub

Chocolate Easter Egg soap


Golden Egg

Honey lip scrub


Lava Lamp Egg bath bomb

The Experimenter Egg

Wash Behind Your Ears shower gel

Which Came First bath bomb

As always, the Lush Kitchen will be making special retro Easter products everyday for a couple of weeks during Easter time at

Carrot soap

Humpty Dumpty


Mum flower

Fluffy Egg

Ultra Violet

Wonder WooHoo

Additionally, the Exclusive Lush Superstore on Oxford Street in London will be having Easter goodies exclusive to this store, and only during the Spring holiday.  I will add these as well, as more than likely i will be getting some of these goodies thanks for other beautiful Lush UK Lushies!

Here is a list of last years’ Oxford street Easter products.

Down the Rabbit Hole

Somewhere Over the Rainbow bomb

Spring Bunny


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  1. So I found this on lush uk. I didnt know if you had seen it yet.

  2. Do you know when specifically the Easter or Mothers day items will be available on the lush uk website?
    I also live in Texas and was wondering if you experience a lag in shipment. I am starting to receive items that I ordered in November and December right now.

  3. Have I mentioned lately that I adore you??? I have a little story you may get a kick out of 😉 How can I DM you?

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