What Would Love Do?

What Would Love Do

This smells similar (not exact) to other Lush things such as Deep Sleep jelly, Unicorn Horn, or ickle baby bot. 

A real life, fairy tale romance that started in a Lush Spa…
When Hal visited the Edinburgh Spa for a Synaesthesia treatment he was introduced to his therapist, Janine, and immediately felt butterflies in his stomach.
As the music started and Janine began his treatment he felt nervous, and his his stomach began to rumble. But, while silently cursing his noisy belly, he was shocked to hear Janine’s stomach respond!
Her tummy groaned and rumbled as if in conversation with his gastric gurglings. The two would later compare it to whale song – their bodies physically communing when they were both too shy to speak.
Following this auspicious meeting, a magical Edinburgh summer flew by with Janine and Hal’s paths crossing many times. Eventually on the second full moon of the month (yes, a legendary blue moon!) they stayed up all night together dancing. Well, after all, what else would love do?

I’m confused about the ingredients label relative to the bath bomb over and over. I’ve asked the Lush Kitchen to enlighten me.  I’ll post if they answer.

I was able to get a sniff of this perfume, and i want to get a bottle.  This perfume has tangerine and lavender. I love that It’s citrus-y without being too sweet, the lavender helps to lend the sweet tangerine a light and airy quality.

There’s a sort of powdery Snowcake-ish note in here as well. I’m not sure what this note is.

Normally citrus perfumes don’t last as long as i would like on my skin, but this seems to stay longer.

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