Divine Whale

The Divine Whale soap is a soap that Lush Australia has made, for a limited time only, along with the advocacy group ‘Sea Shepard’. See this short clip from Lush explaining it

In 2010 Lush Australia made the ‘Happy Whale’ soap divine whale. Made with the orange scent of the Happy soap.

In 2011 Lush Australia made the ‘B Electro’ Divine Whale soap.

In 2012 came the ‘Sea Vegetable’ Divine Whale soap.

In 2013 Lush came out with the ‘Relentless Whale’ ‘Lust’ scented Divine Whale’ soap.

In Dec 2017 Lush Australia is making a purple, lavender scented Divine Whale soap .

All money goes to the Sea Shepard FG lineation to save oceanic life.

“At Sea Shepherd, we fight to preserve the planet because we recognize that we share the Earth with other species and that their well-being is inexorably linked to ours. We fight to preserve the planet because it is a matter of self-defense and we’ve taken the fight to sea.

The ocean produces two-thirds of the oxygen that we breathe on land. Fifty percent of the human population depends on the oceans as their primary food source – they directly count on it for survival. And the oceans are home to more plants and animals than any other ecosystem. It is a natural place to take a stand.”

photo below courtesy of @thenzlushie on Instagram

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