Lush News!

Here’s a video I recorded about the news!

2 thoughts on “Lush News!

  1. I’m very happy for you. Yes you deserve this 100% I as well am bored with lush, they shut down the kitchen and then promised us something calked lush labs, And we got nothing. Sure lots of people complain, but April has thousands and thousands of followers and like she said lush has flown her before, so it makes sense that when one of their biggest supporters/ advertisers is upset they would take notice. April please don’t let them off the hook to fast, make a list of why you were unhappy and keep it with you. Let them know.

    • Because of you talking about happy place cosmetics I went and spend 100 bucks of them. That’s the power you have, and that’s what lush wants to keep. Enjoy your trip, I can’t wait to see your post and videos. This is awesome, maybe go live while you are there lol. Make them bring back the kitchen lol and one in North America ( ok that’s me trying to wish really hard) love ya 😘😍

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