Ectoplasm shower cream

5 out of 5 rating

Lush will be making a shower slime from this shower gel scent, which i LOVE.

⭐️Here’s a link to my Ectoplasm shower slime for Halloween 2021

I love that it glows in the dark. This has an addictive effervescent scent of grapefruit and tangerine. It smells like fizzy soda. Moreso than Bubble or Celebrate imo. Ectoplasm isnt as sweet as those.

It all started with the bath before mb of the same name. After lush introduced the bath bomb for the firdt time in 2017 it was a hit. And the bath oil TreeD was also a hit. We told Mark we loved the scent and hoped someday he would make a perfume out of it.

The next year they introdiced this shower cream, a naked version, a solid perfume and a washcard.

By the Way – Lush will be making an Ectoplasm shower slime for Christmas 2021. It will be up on the UK retail site Sept 23.

Lush also made an exclusive Ectoplasm body spray fragrance in addition to the spray perfume and solid perfume.

This has the same wonderfully citrussy scent as the Ectoplasm Bath bomb.

The solid or naked version glows in the dark.

I’ll review mine and demo both when i buy them at the creative showcase Sept 23.

Here is a demo video and review i recorded

The ‘Naked’ or solid form of the Ectoplasm gel

Scent Family Photo (Tree D solid bath oil is not in the picture)

This Lush ‘Tree D’ bath oil has the Ectoplasm scenttoo!

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  1. My impression is that Ectoplasm shower cream smells very similar as B electro shower gel. Am I right or completely mistaken? (I haven’t been able to smell them at the same time, though.)

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