Not Lush but omg this bath bomb!

I bought this bath bomb from along with other things in yet another haul i bought from this young woman.

She is so young and she’s SLAYING the bath bomb game in my opinion.

I have a page alllll about this company with photos ive taken of some her other products ive bought and used from Sarah.

She never disappoints.

I have a rating system below that i do on my other non-Lush instagram account and this company consistently gets all ‘5’s’.

180g size.

It has a gorgeous array of pink and violet.

The scent smells is really pretty, a perfect fruity scent.

I would rate this a 5 out of 5 rating

How it smells; great! 5

How it made my skin feel; good 5

Bath Art designs while it was fizzing; great! 5

End color of water in the tub; great! 5 Glitter.

Price; good 4 $8.00

Customer service; good 5

Theclean up; great! 5

Would buy another one. I’d buy another three.

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