Lush Kitchen February 2021 Subscription Box

see my unboxing video below 😊

Here are the nine items that are up for the vote.

4 of these will be chosen plus one exclusive that has never been made before.

Choco La La

Queen of Hearts

Wash That Man Right Out of My Hair (this was chosen)


Frog Prince (this was chosen)

Youki Hi

The Kiss

Kisskin (this was chosen)

Too Drunk

Here’s my unboxing video with descriptions, reviews, ratings. Two products were exclusively made for this box.

Two Hearts solid perfume

Lime Bounty

Regarding the below question in the comments, i found this

3 thoughts on “Lush Kitchen February 2021 Subscription Box

  1. Hi, I don’t believe Lush has made any promise to include a product in their Kitchen box that has never been made before. Also we get 3 (not 4) of the products we vote for. Once it has been more and that’s because the vote was too close to call.

  2. This month’s box included Wash That Man Right Out of My Hair, Frog Prince, Kisskin and a brand new body butter, Lime Bounty plus a solid perfume pot, Two Hearts Beating As One.
    The subscription box isn’t cheap but it IS cheaper than buying the items separately and, for somebody like me, who fills my basket then talks myself into putting everything back, it is a good way to treat myself (and my daughter) during Lockdown.

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