Wash That Man Out of Your Hair shower gel

3 out of 5 rating

This is made with the Lush “Cocktail” scent. 🙂  And I can totally smell that.  Yay.  I have the perfume. – It’s a Sweet floral scent with warm, earthy undertones.

Here’s a video of it where i discuss this and the other shower gels  in more detail 🙂


There’s also a Shower Sheet called “Wash That Man” which is red paper soap and has the scent of “Wash That Man Right Out Of My Hair’  shower gel .


This was made in the popular Lush Cocktail scent. It’s a sweet, floral scent with earthy undertones. The cocktail scent goes back to the days of B Never Too Busy To Be Beautiful store days for Lush.

Here are some more recent things that Lush has made in the same cocktail scent.