Lush Kitchen – List of all Lush Kitchen weeks items

Opens May 4 2020, 1st shipment is June 1. Apparently its going to be more like a subscription box. You must be registered for a subscription box in order to vote on the products. £35.00 for 4-5 items which would include a couple of retro, discontinued, a couple of voted for products and a possible surprise item.
What are your thoughts?

Here are link to each months subscription box page which shows the products up for the vote, which ones won, and my photos of that months subscription box and my video unboxing.

May 2020

July 2020

August 2020

September 2020

October 2020

November 2020

December 2020

January 2021

February 2021

March 2021

April 2021

May 2021

May 15 2020 – I receieved an email from the Lush Uk Kitchen announcing the new batch of Harajuku bubble bars, called “Shhhh bubble bars” and it was Free Shipping. So i bought them.

The previous incarnation of the Lush Kitchen 2014-2018



Lush Ltd launched it’s on line “Lush Kitchen” mail order website in April 2014. The idea was to have a place to make small er batches of exclusive products available fresh for those of us with a taste for our favorite retro products that have been discontinued. It’s also a way to get pre-releases on new Lush Cosmetics creations, sneak-peeks, and one-off rarities and limited edition products, made one time only. They also make limited edition Lush perfumes, available only in the Lush Kitchen.

(I actually had the immense pleasure of meeting the lovely folks in this photo, when i was there a month before the Lush Kitchen opened for business.)

Here’s what Lush says: “What’s on the menu this week? Small, daily batches of exclusive products, made by hand and seasoned with behind the scenes gossip. This is an exclusive window into the world of Lush manufacturing, where the words ‘fresh’ and ‘handmade’ come to life.
Our compounders are cooking up a storm, experimenting with giant bath bombs and mixing up creative visions. Get a glimpse of limited edition recipes, and freshly dreamt up innovations.
We’re throwing open the doors, and you’re invited to take a look.
If you can’t get enough of the Lush Kitchen, we’re cooking up more posts on our other social media channels: Instagram @LushKitchen & Twitter @LushKitchen”

To purchase lush Uk kitchen products, we buy them here, the website is

Here’s an example of one daily menu of products that Lush made for Holidays, which were/are NOT Retro and which weren’t available in any stores nor on line on the lush website.


Big Blue body conditioner I have yet to do my review of it, I’m getting there

Big Blue Egg

Big Calm body lotion I get mine next week

Big Calm solid perfume I have one but haven’t reviewed yet

Brightside body lotion I have one but haven’t had a chance to review, I will soon!

Brightside solid perfume

Butterball body conditioner

Comforter body conditioner

Avoshower jelly

Down the Rabbit Hole (Easter 2016 only)

Error 404

Flutterby (Mother’s Day 2016 only)

FUN With a Twist

Furze body lotion

Furze solid perfume

Happy Blooming body lotion I got mine a week ago and have a video of it but haven’t added a page for it here yet, I will very soon.

Happy Blooming solid perfume

Heartthrob (Valentine’s 2016 only)


Honey I Washed the Kids jelly

Lava Lamp Egg

Le Grande Amour

Lemony Flutter body conditioner

Lord of Misrule perfume

Lord of Misrule body conditioner I still haven’t reviewed mine! I will by august

Love body spray (coming soon)

Madame Butterfly (Spring 2016 only)

Magic Bubbles

Mother Earth

Mother of Dragons

Mum (Spring 2016 only)

Mother of Dragons



Plum Rain body spray I reviewed mine. I’ll add a page for my review here tonight

Ponche shower gel self preserved in 4 sizes!

Plum Rain in 4 sizes!

Roller (Spring 2016 only)

Rose Jam shower jelly

Sex Bomb body lotion I have a haul video of it but not a review here, I’m recording a review of it tonight.

Sex bomb solid perfume

Somewhere Over the Rainbow (Spring 2016 holiday only)

Spring Bunny (Easter 2016 gift set only)

Snow MeltSultana of Skin body conditioner


The Experimenter Egg

Tisty Tosty (Valentine’s 2016 only)

Tulip (Spring 2016 only)

Tweet (Easter 2016 only)Here’s a video of the very first Lush Oxford street catalog, where everything debuts before anywhere else gets them in stores.

Twilight perfume

Twilight shower jelly

Yog Nug Fun

Yog Nog perfume

The lush Kitchen weekly menus of what they’re going to make each coming week are located on their Lush Kitchen Facebook site, every Friday the lush Kitchen posts what products they are making each week. It’s also a way to vote for what Lush products you would like to see them make.



Below is a list i made of all of the Lush products that the Lush UK Kitchen has made, since inception in 2015, by week.  The most current week being on the top.  

If you click on the date/links you will be taken to that weeks’ products with my  demo and reviews video of each one.

Soon, At the bottom of the page will be a long list of all of the products that the lush Kitchen have made, by

kind of product.

Dec 11-25

October 23 Halloween gift set

October 9 – Lush No More Lush Kitchen Announcement!

October 2-6

September 25-29

September 11-15

September 4-8

August 28-September 1

August 21-25

August 14-18

August 7-11

July 31-August 4

July 24-28

July 17-24

July 10-14

July 3-7

June 26-39

June 19-23

June 12-16

June 5-9

May 15-19

May 8-12

May 1-5

April 24-28

April 17-21

April 10-14

April 3-7

March 27-31

Mar 13-17

Mar 6-10

Feb 27-Mar 3

Feb 20-24

Feb 13-17

Feb 6-10

Jan 30-Feb 3

Jan 23-27

Jan 16-20

Jan 9-13

Jan 2-6

Dec 19-23 Christmas products

Dec 12-16 Christmas products

Dec 5-9 Christmas products

Nov 28-Dec 2

Nov 21-25

Nov 14-18

Nov 7-Nov 11

October 31-Nov 4

October 24-28 Halloween products

October 17-21 Halloween products

October 10-14 Halloween products

October 3-7 Halloween products

Sept 26-30

Sept 19-23

 Sept 12-16

Sept 5-9

August 29-Sept 2

August 22-26

August 15-19

August 8-12

August 1-5

July 25-29

July 18-22

July 11-15

July 4-6

June 27-July 1

June 20-24

June 13-17

June 6-10

May 30-June 3

May 23-27

May 16-20

May 9-13

May 2-6

April 25-29

April 18-22

April 11-April 15

April 4 – April 8

March 28-April 1

March 21-25 2016

March 13-17

Feb 22-26 2016

February 8-12

February 1-6

January 11-15 201614560059_1768186080103601_2824036687351473089_o
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Emotibombs – Lush North America

LUSH is releasing a former product called Emotibombs! It’s a bath bomb for those who don’t have the shower–you get the same aromaatherapy benefits as the bath bomb, without having to fill up your tub (or shower stall). The Emotibombs dissolve slower than the bath bombs, and they have concentrated the essential oils to better suit the shower environment. There are four to choose from!
Too Drunk To… ($) This one is a fantastically pepperminty hangover cure with essential oils of marigold, cleansing fennel, and reviving sweet orange to help refresh and invigorate, as well as soothe a sore head. You’ll come out of the shower feeling super revitalized and raring to go!



Up You Gets ($) Step into the shower with this Emotibomb and inhale the refreshing and uplifting lime, reviving grapefruit, and mind-clearing lemon oils as they waft around to wake up your senses. By the time you step out of the shower you’ll be wide awake and ready to face the day.

Up The Wooden Hill ($) Pop this Emotibomb in the shower for a quick, powerful dose of sleeping potion. It’s full of calming lavender oil and lavender absolute, along with soothing chamomile blue oil and neroli to switch off your brain for a good night sleep.

Sex In The Shower ($) As an environmentally friendly company, we encourage people to share showers to conserve water. This one is perfect for two! There’s a blend of aphrodisiac essential oils of pure jasmine absolute, ylang ylang, and rose otto with a blend of detoxifying juniperberry, sense-sharpening ginger and spirit lifting geranium. Please use responsibly!

Get your LUSH on at!

Lush North America Kitchen!

Keep an eye on this blog.  I will be updating a lot! 🙂

Currently (April 2016)  Lush International Kitchen (UK) Kitchen has two sites dedicated to the lush Kitchen information;  their Lush Kitchen Facebook site, where they post the upcoming week’s menu on Friday morning. And their regular website where the products are actually purchased.

They make and sell products Monday through Friday. Starting on Monday, the products are purchased, starting at 7am-8am each day on the lush website, which has a tab for “Kitchen’.

They only make small batches of exclusive products, a couple hundred.  So if the item is a popular one, there will be more than a couple hundred people buying them.  So they can go FAST.  When i order from the Lush Kitchen, i’m on the site the second it goes up on the website.



I’m working on adding all my hundreds of photos and videos that i’ve taken of each Lush Kitchen product, including demo/review videos that i’ve made of each and every Lush Kitchen product.

To see them, see the list below (adding more over the next few dayas) and click on the product name that you’d like to see a demo/short review of.   The link will take you to that particular product’s page in my blog directly so you can watch the video demo that i made.

13 Rabbits melt

17 Cherry Tree Lane


29 High street perfume

1000 Kisses Deep

 n Skincare

A French Kiss

A Gold Star

A Little Monkey


After 8:30

After Tango foot mask


Aliens and Monsters Fun bar



all that jas


Almond Butter

Almond Kisses


Amandopondo bubble bar 


American Cream lotion

American Cream perfume 

American Pie


Angel’s Delight




Aura Suavis bubble bar



Avoshower jelly

Avoshower shower gel



B Electro shower gel


B Never too Busy to Be Beautiful

Baby Face

Back for Breakfast

Bad Ass

Bada Bing Bada Boom



Banana Moon




Beautiful P Green




Big Bang


Big Calm


Black Pearl shower gel




Blue Skies

Blue Skies & Fluffy White Clouds


Bom Perignon


Bon Bain Bonnard

Bon Bomb


Brandy Butter


Breeze on a Sea Air 

Bubbling Under


Butterball shower gel


Calacas jelly

Calacas shower gel


Candy Floss



Carrot soap

Celebrate shower gel


Celebrate perfume liquid

Celebrate perfume solid




Champagne Supernova


Cherry Blossom


Ching ling Soo

Choccy Egg


Choco La La


Chocolate Santa


Christmas Angel


Christmas Party


Cloak of Invisibility


Comforter mind the gap Fun bar

Comforter shower gel

Comforter perfume


Cosmic Dreamcatcher


Creamed Coconut and Almond 

Cyanide Pill

Cynthia Sylvia Stout


Deep Sleep


Demon in the Dark 



Dr. Peppermint


Dream On


Dreamtime bath melt

Dreamtime bath oil

Dreamtime temple balm





Emperor of Ice Cream




Error 404

Ex Factor


Extra Virgin Olive


Father Christmas


Fern Shui 

Fizz O Therapy


Floating Island bath oil


Flower’s Barrow bath oil

Flower’s Barrow perfume



Flying Fox


Flying Saucers


Fox in the Flowers




Frog Prince



Frozen perfume


Fun With a Twist

Furze bath oil

Furze perfume


Gentle Lentil


Ghost jelly

Ghost shower gel


Giants Gel


Ginger bath bomb


Ginger lotion


Ginger soap

Ginger Ginger Man




Golden Egg

Golden Moon

Golden Slumbers


Granny Takes a Dip bath bomb

Granny Takes a Dip bubble bar

Grass  bubble bar

Grass shower gel



Gratuitous Violets

Green and Gold

Green Day


Guardian of the Forest

Gumback Smoothie




Happy bubble bar

Happy soap

Happy 4 SAD


Happy Birthday


Happy Thoughts



Heavenly bodies

Helping Hands

Hippy Chick


Honey I washed the kids perfume liquid

Honey I Washed the Kids perfume solid

Honey I Washed the Kids shower gel

Honey I Washed the Kids mum bubble bar

Honey Lumps


Honey Waffle


Hot Java

Hot Milk!

Hot Toddy

I Should Coco

Ibiza Party Shampoo

Ice Blue


Ickle Baby Angel


Ickle Baby Devil 

Immaculate Eggception


Inhale Exhale


Into Thin Air


It’s a Pleasure Treaure





Jingle Spells


Joy of Jelly


Jungle body lotion

Jungle Jelly

Karma pyramid bubble bar

Karma shower jelly

Karma shower gel


Karma bubble


Karma pyramid 

Lava Lamp


Layer Cake


Leap Frog

Lemon Day and Ginger Beer


Lemon Sherbet showder



Life’s a Beach scrub


Lily Savon

Lime Pastille


Little Dragon


Lord of Misrule shower cream

Lord of Misrule Mind the Gap Fun bar 


Love Locket

Love Lamp


Love spell massage bar


Lush bath bomb


Lush Pud




Ma Bar




Magic jelly


Mange Too


Marathon bar








Milky Bar

Milky bath 

Monster Gustave bath oil


More Than Mortal


Mrs Whippy






Ne Worry Pas

Needles and Pine


No. 1 Seed



Northern Lights bath bomb

Northern Lights soap



Oil On Troubled Waters


Ooh La La


Orange Blossom



Party On jelly

Party On temple balm



Phoenix BBS

Phoenix Rising


Pied De Pepper foot lotion

Pineapple Grunt



Pleasure Dough 

Pooh Stix


Pot O Gold jelly

Potion lotion



Powder Puff

Prince shower gel





Quinquereme of Nineveh

Rainbow Worrier


Razzle Dazzle


Red Rooster





Respect Your Elders


Ring of Roses


Ros’ argan gourmet soap




Rose Jam perfume liquid

Rose Jam perfume solid


Rose Queen

Rough with the Smooth


Rub Rub Rub solid body butter square scrub bar


Running to the Embassy scrub bar 

Satsumo Santa


Secret Garden

Secret Santa


Sex in the Shower


Shark Filled Custard


Skin Nanny

Skin Sin 

Skinny Dip buttercream 







Smuggler’s Soul solid cologne

Smuggler’s Soul shampoo solid

Smuggler’s Soul shaving cream

Smuggler’s Soul soap

Snake Oil


Snap the Whip


Snow Fairy shower gel

Snow Fairy perfume liquid


Snow Fairy scent family

Snow on Snow




Speedboat Fun bar


So White


Soap Sod


Soft Couer




Something Wicked This Way Comes

Sonic Death Monkey


Space Girl

Spank Me With Saplings



Spice Mountain 

Spring Cleanser (now B Never’s “B Gone” facial clanser)


Still Against Animal Testing

Still Life


Strawberry Boat

Strawberry Twin Tub

Street Party


Sun bath oil




Sweet Japanese Girl

Sweetie Pie



Temple of Truth


Tennis Ball


The Blonde

The Boog

The Comforter bubble bar

The Comforter lotion

The Comforter shower cream

The Comforter shower gel

The Comforter perfume liquid

The Comforter perfume solid

The Ex Factor

The Experimenter

The Godmother


The Happy Pill

The Immaculate Eggception

The Olive Branch shower gel

The Olive Branch lotion

The Olive Branch perfume liquid


The Sicilian

The Soft Touch


Think Pink original 200g

Think Pink 100g


Tiptoe through the Tulips

Tisty Tosty

Toner Tab Vit A

Toner tab Vit C

Toner tab Vit D

Too Drunk




Twilight shower gel

Twilight perfume liquid

Twilight perfume solid


Two Timing Tart



Up The Wooden Hill

Up You Gets




Vanilla Fountain


Violet Nights bath oil (see CTG page)

Volcano foot mask

Washday Greens 



Waylander Rasshoul

Wash That Man Out of My Hair shower gel




Which Came First




World Peace/World Piece


Ylang Song


Yog Nog mind the gap Fun bar

Yoga Bomb

Youki Hi





All Lush products by product type



absolute delight

all that jas



Avobunny Egg




big big blue


Bom Perignon

Bon Bain Bonnard

Bon Bomb

Brandy Butter

 Champagne Supernova

 Choccy Egg

 Chocolate Santa

 Christmas Angel

Here is a list of all of the Lush products that the Lush UK Kitchen has made, since inception, by week.  The most current being on the top.  I’ve used every single one of these products and have reviewed them, and made demo and review videos of each one here on my blog.

Anyone, including Lushies from the U.S. can order from the Lush UK Kitchen.

The lush kitchen website is

The lush Kitchen weekly menus are located here on the Lush Kitchen Facebook site, every Friday the lush Kitchen posts what products they are making each week. It’s also a way to vote for what Lush products you would like to see them make.

If you click on the date/links you will be taken to that weeks’ menu of individual products, and photos and my reviews and demo videos of each.

Also, at the bottom of the page will a long list of ALL the individual Lush products that the lush Kitchen have made, by name with links to my photos and demo videos of them.



July 11-15

July 4-6

June 27-July 1

June 20-24

June 13-17

June 6-10

May 30-June 3

May 23-27

May 16-20

May 9-13

May 2-6

April 25-29

April 18-22

April 11-April 15

April 4 – April 8

March 28-April 1

March 21-25 2016

March 13-17

Feb 22-26 2016

February 8-12

February 1-6

January 11-15 2016

Here’s a playlist of videos that i made on my youtube channel of various lush Kitchen videos; like lush kitchen hauls, lush kitchen previews, kitchen product reviews, and more!