Lush X Community Perfumes

Lush Uk and Lush USA will be dropping community chosen perfumes and body sprays for Black Friday week. They will be available on Tuesday the 21st & Thursday the 23rd.

First via the Lush App and then aftrr on the Lush regular website.

Tender is the Night My favorite scent of the bunch and im so glad to have an actual perfume of this gorgeous scent.👍🏼

Toil and Trouble ♥️the scent of the body scrub.👍🏼

Sticky Dates YES! 👍🏼

Creamy Candy this perfume is one of my favorites and i used it up years ago so im happy about this coming back.

Tramp yay

Golden Pear (its alright but not as good as i thought it would be)

I dont know why i dont have sny of these fragrances thst have been made before in my blog here, nor the products with the same scent. But ill out them in my blog here. Hopefully im not too late to add the same scent products reviews for you.