Lush Kitchen Perfume Voting 2015 Rose Jam, Twilight, American Cream, Tramp and Honey I Washed the Kids


These are the Winners of the perfume voting!  American Cream, Rose Jam, Twilight, Frozen and Honey I Washed The Kids!




Lush has written this on their lush Kitchen Facebook page


“Flexing their fragrant muscles, the following Lush scents have been pitted against each other. Stay tuned on social media to have your say on which one of the two is made, but be warned, you can only vote once each battle! Voting will run until midday on Monday and the Lush Kitchen team will make your winners in the not too distant future…
Round 1:
Will it be sweet and creamy Hair Custard or deliciously floral Rose Jam?

Round 2:
Who will win when it comes to the exotic delights of Love And Light or time-tested favourite American Cream?

Round 3:
It’s between deep and sensual Giants Gel or the malty delight of Twilight.

Round 4:
This is a toughie: the magical and fruity Respect Your Elders takes on Honey I Washed The Kids!

Round 5:
My oh My, it’s enchanting Frozen against that mossy charmer, Tramp!