Lush Kitchen Menu April 18-22

Are you ready to revive those summer-spirits? Next week’s menu can help you with that!

Monday: Marathon bubble Bar, £3.95, and Skin Sin hand & body lotion, £10.25.

Tuesday: Mr Punch soap, £4.50, and The Olive Branch body lotion, £13.95.

Wednesday: Lemon Days And Ginger Beer bath bomb, £3.95, and Bubbling Under bubble bar, £3.95.

Thursday: Lemslip buttercream, £10.50, and Grass shower gel, £11.00.

Friday: Spring Cleanser facial cleanser, £10.25, and Melomint bubble bar, £3.95.

Ready, set, summer!

Here is a video where i explain in detail what each of these products are like.  I’ll be adding pages for each product here on my blog and should be done with those product pages this evening.


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