Lush Kitchen Menu June 20-24 2016

Here’s a video i made pre-reviewing all the products below 🙂

“next week’s menu is bursting with a plethora of seriously ravishing, voted-for products!”

Monday: Twilight shower gel, £11.00, and The Enchanter bath bomb, £4.25.

Tuesday: Big Calm shower jelly, £8.25, and Space Girl bath bomb, £3.75.

Wednesday: American Cream body lotion, £13.95, and Mumkin bubble bar, £3.95.

Thursday: Supernova bath bomb, £3.95, and Calacas shower gel, £11.00.

Friday: Sonic Death Monkey shower gel, £11.95, and Magic bath bomb, £3.95.

Let me know if you have any additional questions.