Lush Kitchen July 25-29

Here’s a video i made reviewing all of next week’s upcoming Lush Kitchen products

Just click on the product name link to see more detail of that product.

Monday: Plum Rain shower gel, £10.95/$14.36, and Up You Gets emotibomb, £3.25/$4.26.
Tuesday: Karma shower gel, £11.25/$14.75, and British Nanny
moisturiser, £27.50/$36.06
Wednesday: Uluru shower gel, £11.25/$14.75, and Sunny Citrus soap, £4.50/$5.90
Thursday: Happy For S.A.D shower gel, £10.50/$13.77, and Happy Blooming shower jelly, £7.95/$10.43
Friday: 29 High Street solid perfume, £9.00/$11.80. 29 high Street shower gel

Plum Rain demo

Up You Gets emotibomb demo

happy Blooming

British Nanny

Happy 4 SAD

Karma shower gel