Lush Summit 2018

Click to watch my Lush Summit products Haul Video below!

Lush Summit 2017 page to look around.

Photo credit to @cadizt on Instagram


Argan Dragon

All You Need Is Love (and Peace)

Almond Blossom

Baby Turtle (see also Mama Turtle below)

Beet Coin


Bug Splat

Coco Loco

Cool Beans

Cork pots

Desert Date


Gay is OK

Hands of Friendship

I Wish For World Peace


Mama Turtle

Manouche zaatar

May Day



Nausicca’s Gold

Peace Pioneers

Road From Damascus




Tiger Tiger, Burning Bright


Vertical Abhyanga

7 thoughts on “Lush Summit 2018

  1. I have recently discovered Lush and I had a question. Thought you would be the perfect person to ask. Years ago I remember a friend getting a sampler soap giftset from Lush. I believe it was also a charitable item. I’ve asked people about it, but no one seems to know what I’m talking about. Was there ever such a soap set for charity years ago?

      • Thank you! I knew I had seen something like that and wasn’t imagining it! Do you happen to have a video in which you might show them? Can you recall?

      • Yes, I did do a video where ishowed them..but the trouble is I can’t remember which video it is. I can take apic of them tomorrow if you want. Maybe I’ll do just a dedicated video about them. I have one for soap and one they made for bubble bars.

      • Oh that would be so lovely! If it’s not too much trouble! I would love to see it again.. I’m a huge soapy and Lush soaps are fast becoming my favourites. Thank you so much 🙏🏼

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