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4 thoughts on “Psychic topic

  1. I find this fascinating. I was wondering if you pick up on people’s emotions at all either from them being in your presence or by something you’ve read .or by looking at a picture perhaps or by walking through a cemetery? Do you ever feel threatened any more by what you see or feel ? Does it bring you comfort?

    • I do pick up on people’s emotions from being in their presence. I can do it via photo as well. Or sometimes by something I’ve read.
      Anymore I find that I look forward to seeing the things behind my eyes when it’s something I turn on. When it’s something that just comes on by itself I still get a bit unsettled depending on what it is. 🙂

  2. I love this! I had these flying dreams too, I used to spin in circles till I tornadoed into the air. It’s been years tho, bad experiences can definitely make you close off. I’m so glad you’re trying to open up again, Strong that is!

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