Toffee crunch Lush bath cocktail

I saw ‘Bombardino‘ bath bomb in my cubbie, peeking his little head out at me, seemingly saying ‘doesnt toffee sound good?’.

And i began to think of other things i coukd gather that had a toffee-like scent.

So i reached into my ‘Gold/Bakery/Honey I Washed the Kids’ cubbie and pulled out the other products.

The other bath bomb is the half of the Lush ‘Free Rangers‘. Its not a ‘comforter’ scented one, It’s the one from the year previous, made got a lovely sandalwood note.

I also chose ‘fudge de leche’ from Bath Bake Love.

And of course some Lush Kitchen HIWTK shower jelly for my bubble bath.



Tres Leches cake

More toffee.

Check ✅

I needed a bubble bar and decided on the ‘Bearded Lady‘ from the Lush Uk Kitchen.

Its made with the Lush ‘King of Skin’ ingredients. more sandalwood. And skin soothing with banana.

Before i added the seive contents, the water was a bright golden yellow, with glitter from bombardino.

After i added the chopped up Bearded Lady, and the chopped up hiwtk jelly, plus adding a dollop of fudge de leche ..i added this to the bath by holding it under the bath faucet.

The water became a two-toned golden yellow/reddish gold/brown color.

Smells like a giant toffee crunch bar, with glitter and is very moisturizing!

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