‘Morticia’ bath bomb from The Mad Bombers

This was a fun bath. Firstly, there are all kinds of rose petals inside and throughout this large bath bomb.

It also has a rose scent.

Next, its black as night.

I was a bit hesitant with how this would do in my tub, i.e. staining. However i had No need to worty. Clean up was a breeze.

Just for fun once i got out of this bath i let the water go down and filmed it, and then sped it up and made a video so you can really see how little color is left behind in my white tub.

I would absolutely buy anothrr one of these ‘Morticia’ bath bombs from The Mad Bombers. Its a large bomb, seems like its about 220-250g weight. The cost of it is $8.50

Heres a 1 minute video of it fizzing

here’s a 30 second video of what was left behind. Mostly rose petals left, Rinsed clean.

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