Lush Grassroots perfume

5 out of 5 rating

What a surprise to get this in the mail. 😱

Only sold at the Lush Italy Perfume Library.

As i show in the video below, the wrap that this was wrapped in at the store is gorgeous. A beautiful burnished rose print and So silky.

This perfume was made in the Charity pot lotion scent, but at a very high concentration (it’s a strong perfume).

It’s a Proper Eau de Parfum, with loads of regenerative ingredients from different projects.

Geranium from Kenya, Rosewood Oil from Peru, Ylang Ylang oil from Ghana, and Vanilla from madagascar.

And the unique Scent Cube made with sustainable cork as a lid.

It’s got a slightly sweet chocolatey note, with a soft blanket of ylang ylang, and a lovely, slight woodiness.

8 thoughts on “Lush Grassroots perfume

  1. How do u get a bottle of this in the US? Lush UK won’t ship the big bottles over here. I really love the Charity Pot scent and I need to figure out how to get my hands in this!

  2. Would really like a bottle of this… uk won’t ship it to the US. Any suggestions on how I could it? 😃

    • Not sure, you have to know someone that lives in the Uk and ask them if you can use their address for buying it and then have them ship it to you. 🤷🏽‍♀️

    • I actually did! I found 2 wonderful brits on an online buying & selling app, 1 girl had ‘Tuca Tuca’ & ‘Assassin’ & another girl was selling I think ‘The Bug’? I wanted to try it. She also had ‘Lord of Gothorn’ but I picked ‘The Bug,’ I think I picked the wrong one! Haha anyway I chatted with them a bit & payed them through PayPal to pick me up a few things from their local UK store, & the 1 girl grabbed me Grassroots! OMG I love it! Smells exactly like Charity Pot. I really lucked out & they were so kind. & shipping it was no problem! Took about 5 days & no issues. They also offered to check in their local stores & lmk if there’s any exclusives I want. I think the 1 lives near the Liverpool store the other is 2 hours south so I don’t remember which store that is but either way brits are so nice! Glad I made 2 contacts over there. I’m going to ship them some thank you gifts this week;) Even on eBay I’ve tried to order a few lush things from the Uk & most people won’t ship to the US especially perfumes. So it was so sweet of them. Thanks for your reply! Your site has been so helpful to me over the years.

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