Lush Mothers Day 2021

See my Mothets Day order unboxing video below

Atom Heart Mother (Lush So White/Once Upon A Time scent)

Jasmine Cream (Lush ‘Wintergarden’ bath bombscent)

Mama Mia body scrub

Mother of Pearl

Rose Gold (Wintergarden scent)

Violet Cream (Lush DaddyO shampoo scent)

I’ll be taking pics and doing reviews here over the next few days.

Here’s my unboxing vid

4 thoughts on “Lush Mothers Day 2021

  1. I wish they would bring back yummy mummy. I miss it a lot and can’t buy from overseas so I can’t get stuff from the lush kitchen.

  2. I just wish that Lush would stop making 90% of their seasonal products bath bombs. Like yeah, I get that Covid has required them to reduce their stock, and that bath bombs are what Lush is largely known for, but not everyone takes baths, for one, and for a lot of people stuff like the shower gels, lotions, scrubs, face masks, etc. a lot more than bath products, so its really not that inclusive and for those who flat out can’t take baths, their selection is really limited.

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