Blood Orange

3 out if 5 ratibng

See my demo video below

This is a new shower gel for Lush Halloween.

Its actually made with blood oranges and the peel. It also has davana oil, geranium.

Its a thick shower gel.

No glitter in this shower gel. Its somewhat translucent but not as clear as some. Its not opaque and creamy, but this blood orange shower gel is thick. I like the consistency.

To me it smells similar to orange soda. Its not quite the same orange scent as the current Lush liquid body scrub called ‘Orange’, which i like more as far as the scent. Vlood orange isnt as citrussy, its more sweet.

I rated this a 3 out of 4. So this means that while i would recommend it, and i woukd use this whole bottle up, i wouldnt buy two.

Its nice. Its more fun for halloween than it is a ‘gotta have it all the time’ kind of shower gel.

I like the more citrussy orange scent of their ‘Orange’ shower scrub.

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