Lush Halloween 2016


Halloween 2016 brings new bath time goodies as well as old Halloween bath favorites. Lush North America will have them up on their mail order website first on September 16.   And Lush Uk will have them up on Sept 23.

Thank goodness the popular Lord of Misrule will be returning this year, along with the shower gel of the same name.

Lush has introduced another new limited edition Halloween bath bomb this year.  It’s a beautiful green leaf-shaped bath bomb called “Autumn Leaves’, which is made with the ‘Grass‘ scent.

Lush will introduce two new limited edition soaps this Halloween. One called “Fireside’ makes a beautiful in store display, looking like logs in a fireplace.  Not only does it have a yummy sounding combo of vanilla and clove,  but apparently this soap has maple sap in it!  Not only will the store display look good, but the smaller guest sized Fireside soaps look adorable with a yellow flame in the middle of the red soap.

The other soap this year is called “Magic Wand and has a fruity orange, tangerine and pomegranate scent.

Lush has introduced a gorgeous little sparkle bar, called “Goth Fairy’, which is a lavender colored, sparkley bar having the scent of one of my favorite lush discontinued bath bombs ‘Space Girl.

Not only are Lush bringing Lord of Misrule back this year but….Lush has made a PUMPKIN PIE scented bath bomb this year.  Woo Hoo!!!! This jack o lantern looking bath bomb is fittingly called ‘Pumpkin’.

We can’t have a Lush Fall holiday/Halloween without something Calacas scented, and this Halloween Lush gives us our Calacas fix in a cute bath bomb called “Monsters ball’.  There are so many things to like about this cute bath bomb.

I will have separate blog pages here for each of the individual products below, but for now i’m just going to have this list of them below with links to demos i did of them. I’m adding more everyday so check back daily 🙂

Autumn Leaves-bath bomb

Boo -bath melt

Fireside -soap-Clove bud, vanilla, dried chesnuts.

Goth Fairy -Shimmer bar

Haunted House-gift set

Lord of Misrule -bath bomb

Lord of Misrule -shower cream

Magic Wand -soap-orange, tangerine, pomegranate, charcoal

Monster’s Ball -bath bomb in the “Calacas’ scent

Pumpkin -bath bomb

Sparkly Pumpkin -bubble bar- same yummy lime, juniper berry, grapefruit scent that we love.

the below Lush products are Exclusive to the Lush Uk Kitchen mail order website at



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