Lush Kitchen April 4 – 8 2016

Lush Kitchen April 4 – 8 2016Boy are you folks are in for some serious indulgence! Prepare yourselves for an utterly pampering week:

Monday: You Snap The Whip body butter, £6.75, and Spank Me With Saplings shower jelly, £7.95.
Tuesday: A Little Monkey bubble bar, £3.95, and Tropical Jungle body lotion, £13.95.
Wednesday: Coconut deodorant powder, £6.50, and I Should Coco soap, £4.25.
Thursday: Honey Lumps bath bomb, £3.75, and Mange Too massage bar £7.25.
Friday: Too Drunk emotibomb, £3.25, and Bathos bubble bar, £3.95.

Here’s a video review i did of these specific Lush products