Review/Description: This shower gel was made at the suggestion of our forum member Athena8867. She suggested this scent of a Plumeria based shower gel and as Hilary is an extra super special human, she made a bit just for Athena. I’m honored to be able to try this and so I am going to describe this gel, show it, etc to the best of my ability for Athena. 😀

Lush description:  Athena’s Aloha gel is a rich conditioning gel along the lines of Skinny Dip in texture (thinner) and creaminess (oh so creamy). The shower gel has the light, fresh and beatufiul scent of Plumeria blooms. Plumeria flowers (and sometimes Pikaki blooms and Lehua blooms) have been used in Hawaii for centuries as a component of the Lei, which is a wreath of flowers that is draped around the neck presented upon arriving or leaving Hawaii as a symbol of affection. The shower gel leaves behind a light, soft scent of Plumeria flowers. This scent isn’t a heady/strong/winter floral like Chelsea Gardens or Sex Bomb. Plumeria flowers are more of a Spring/Summer fresh floral scent but with a lightly sweet, creamy note to it. Absolutely beautiful.