Swag from creative showcase

‘I Believe in Snow Fairies’ shirt. Black with white lettering. I’m trying to find a pic

Iron ons trying to find out which ones

I’ll be adding as I find out more 

2 thoughts on “Swag from creative showcase

  1. One of the girls, Kelly or Danika, is wearing that shirt in the video where they help Daniel Campbell make Spicy Naked Shower Cream…on the Lush FB page. Maybe get a screen shot…? 😉👍

  2. Thanks for posting all the new products. I’m asking a huge favor. Please if you can twist someone’s arm to get Ruby Red Slippers 2016 bubble bar (beautiful) or a Potion scented lotion, shower gel etc for Christmas or in kitchen, I would be so happy. Would also Love to see the Love Apple back in kitchen, since they dropped Fizzbanger, grrrrrrrr. Im still not over that.Thanks April for all your hard work!!

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