Lush Naked Foundation Makeup

40 shades of foundation ‘Slapsticks’.

3 thoughts on “Lush Naked Foundation Makeup

  1. Well, they are currently reformulating their foundations, and undertones are ranked by cool, neutral, and warm, as is represented in these pictures, so I bet you’re right. I’m glad that they’re launching a more color diverse variety, and hopefully the formulation isn’t bad.

  2. I’m in need of a new foundation, so I figured I’d give Lush’s a try. When I heard about these coming out. Glad they’re finally (hopefully) here.👍

  3. My thoughts? I hate to be negative. But it seems dirty. I’m all about the natural organics honey, but…well. I guess I’d have to see an ingredient list, and try them, then go from there. The shape I’m not a fan of but it sure seems like a LOT of product. Would be nice for them to sell some Lush Tins to go in. Or cork board containers.

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