Golden Pudding

Its alright. Its certainly pretty. I like when Lush changes it up sometumes. For instance Lush made tge Luxury Lush Pud one year with the twilight scent and one year with the Comforter scent. I liked surprises like that. But…. This wasnt just changing the scent of something. This is melding the look of two completely different bath bombs. Which can be fun. Except when they replace the mermaid blue and gold water of Golden Wonder to a peach colored water with no sparkle.

Lush has released the ‘Golden Wonder’ bomb for Christmas every year for the past 10+ years. Why? Because its very popular. Whats not to love, it was a gold present.

So while i like a change i do wish they would bring the two original bombs back next Christmas 2022.

This is to replace the Golden Wonder Christmas bomb which has been sold every year for Christmas for the last 15 years or so. It looked like a gold Christmas present. And it had the Lush Champagne Snow Showers/Celebrate scent, which is a fizzy grapefruit or orange scent.

This Golden Pudding is like if Lush Luxury Pud and Golden Wonder had a baby.

Luxury Lush Pud

Golden Wonder below

Golden Wonder
Golden Wonder
Golden Wonder

Tub Demo Video

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