BROS. MOVIE Products

I love the scents of these new, limited edition Lush/SuperMarioBros collab products. 😊
Bowser = Hot Toddy scent
Mario = Santa Claus scent
Princess Peach = new scent supposedly.
I describe them in my video.

My unboxing video

Ill be opening, using, reviewing, video demos for each of these products starting tonight.

2 thoughts on “LUSH New SUPER MARIO
BROS. MOVIE Products

  1. Are you bored of Lush, I notice you don’t post much anymore? Loved your Kitchen box menu breakdown 🙂 Hope you’re well

    • Hi hon. No ive just been way more busy lately with my kids, my house and my dad, and its been a lot harder to make time. But things are slowing down so im finally able to do a lush video and write some reviews. 😊 i appreciate you asking.

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