Toil and Trouble

Not to be confused with Lush ‘Bubble Bubble Toil and Trouble‘ bubble bar which is a completely different scent and look.

I absolutely love this Toil and Trouble shower scrub product. Sure, it might make one feel like it’s going to be messy or weird, but it is kind of fun.

It a dark black purple scrubby mixture thats more wet than other Lush scrubs. It also contains purple jelly bats. The pleasant surprise to me was the scent. It has the best smell, like earthy blackberries. Almost like the Lush perfume ‘Rentless’.

In December 2023 Lush will be making an exclusive perfume made in this scent after customers were asked us to think of the sxent of a product to make into a perfume. The scent of Toil and Trouble was one of six thst won.

I think i have a video demo of this scrub where i describe the scent of it, so ill go look for that and add the link here when i find it on youtube.

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