Halloween Past products

Sparkly pumpkin bubble bar




In 2013 Lush made “Soot Ball” bath bomb, “Pumkin” bubble bar, and “Lord of Misrule” bath bomb (for the first time).  The following are some photos and videos I took of my soot ball and Lord of Misrule bath bomb.








Lush 2011


lushwitchesball copy






Here’s the Cobweb bath bomb which was made during this Halloween

LushCobwebPumpkin soap


Ghost Shower gel



Ghost Jelly



Here’s a video i made with all the “Ghost” scented products that Lush has made throughout the years.



Calacas means “Skull” in Spanish.  My family celebrates this day.





I gathered all the Calacas scented Lush products (except Enchanter) from my Lush museum and took this photo.

Here’s Day of the Dead perfume.

Here’s a picture i took of Lush “Calacas” jelly.  When you take it out of the container and plopped it out on a dish or counter top it has a skull shape and facial details.  Awesome.


This is what the Calacas skull jelly looks like still in the container while i shine some light in it. I liked the spooky effect it gave the jelly.




Lush Halloween online party, including the Lush “Magic” bath bomb, which is on my ‘top three Lush bath bombs of all time’ list.

lushhalloweenmagicandothers500Here’s a photo of Magic in my lush wiki


Here’s a Lush forum member only ‘Magic” jelly made for one day only for us forum members on the lush UK forum




Lady Catrina soap




Here’s a video of my Lush UK Halloween 2014 order



Here’s the “Something Wicked This Way Comes’ bath melt from 2005.  That year they made them special for UK forum members in a dark pink shimmery color in addition tot he regular ones.  I think both are gorgeous! Jasmine and Ginger.



Demon in the Dark





Here’s a video i made showing all the past Halloween products that i’ve collected through the years.

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Soot Ball

Product Story

See my 3 minute video of this below.  



Earlier this year, the Gorilla Perfume team hosted a ‘scented cinema’ event at which Hayao Miyazaki’s film Spirited Away was shown. This bath bomb is inspired by the ‘soot gremlins’ from his films – little creatures that dwell in the shadows of houses that, when crushed between the hands, dissolve into black soot.


He’s watching you…!

Let this surprising little bath bomb spirit you away into a golden, lustre-filled bath.

Don’t worry, Soot Ball won’t turn your bath water black – instead we’ve filled this bath bomb with radiant golden lustre, to feel as though you’re bathing in luxurious liquid gold. The olibanum (frankincense) is known for its calming and grounding effect on the mind, whilst the burnt caramel scent of tonka absolute and earthy sandalwood oil together create a sweet, spicy fragrance that wafts through the steam.

Here’s the video i made of this gorgeous little Soot Ball in the bath.

Quantitative Ingredients:

Sodium Bicarbonate, Citric Acid, Tonka Absolute, Australian Organic Sandalwood Oil, Fair Trade Columbian Cocoa Butter, Fair Trade Shea Butter, Olibanum Retinoid (Frankincense), Benzoin Resinoid, Perfume, Radiant Gold Lustre, Paper Eyes