Whitewash smoothie

see my demo video on the bottom this page.
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LushWhitewashOrangeSmoothieReview: This is the Queen of smoothies in alot of old time Lushies opinions, mine included. It has the same scent as Lush’s “Floating Island” bath melt. vaguely lemony with a bit of sandalwood. It looks like plumbers putty, but the consistency is ohhhh… (:-)…soooo rich. If you took a tub of whipped (not block style) cream cheese and dunked your hand into it, that’s what the consistency of White Wash smoothie is. And then after you put this glob on your bod, you realize that it starts slowly melting at body temperature and it becomes a smoothe, melting, creamy mass of hedonistic goodness.

Notes: Lush also made a Whitewash smoothie with orange oil instead of lemon oil. The Lush purists love the lemon and oil original version more, and I love the lemon version too, but I must admit to liking the orange version more, as naturally I would.
Here’s a demo video i made of Whitewash smoothie and Gumback smoothie.

Here’s a video demo i made of this smoothie