Lush Halloween 2017 

Halloween 2017

Below are the Lush Halloween 2017 products for Lush North America.

Lush UK mail order website,  Lush Oxford Street store, and the Creative Showcase on Sept 3 will probably have 1 or two extra things that Lush North America won’t have available.

Here are some photos (more below) I took of my Lush Halloween goodies.

I will be adding my own photos and my own demos videos of these products here on my blog for the next two weeks as some very kind folks are sending me some goodies. ❤️❤️❤️ Additionally, here’s a link to the Lush Christmas 2017 products.


Bewitched gift set

Black Rose (NA & UK)

Ectoplasm (UK)

Hedgewitch (NA & UK)

Goth Fairy SparklE (NA & UK)

Little Pumpkin gift set

Lord of Misrule bath bomb (NA & UK)

Lord of Misrule shower gel (NA & UK)

Magic Wand

Man in the Moon

Monster’s Ball (NA & UK)

Mystic knot wrap (NA & UK)

Pink Pumpkin (NA & UK)

Pumpkin (NA & UK)

Rainbow Skulls knot wrap (NA & UK)

Secret Arts

Sparkly Pumpkin (NA & UK)

like I do every year , so you guys can get a feel for what the Christmas products are like so you can decide what you’d like to buy. 😀♥️  They will ALL debut at the Lush Creative Showcase 2017.
What are you guys hoping to see return this year?