Lush Spring 2019 Easter, Mother’s Day

This Spring 2019 Lush has introducedany new products. Not many things are brought back from ladt year. I like when favorites are brought back. I also like when new products are made with classic lush scents. But i also like new products! And Lush has done partocularly well with the plethora of New products this Spring. For Mothers Day-Lush has 11 bath bombs, 1 shower bomb, 1 bubble bar, 1 soap, 1 scrub. For Easter-Lush has 9 bath bombs, 1 shower oil, 2 bubble bars, 1 body scrub, 1 lip scrub. Here is my Lush 2019 Easter and Mother’s Day Haul Video

As I do every year I will build a list of Easter and Mother’s Day products below which points to my individual written and recorded video reviews and demos of each of the products :).

As I get more info I will add to this page this week. Meanwhile, here are Lush Easter 2018 and Mother’s Day 2018 pages.

Mother’s Day

Incredible Mum

Madame President bath bomb

Chamomile Flower

Iris Flower

More Tea and Sympathy

Strawberry Hill shower bomb

Rose Butterfly (pink & blue)

Wild Butterfly bath bomb (orange and yellow)

Lemon Butterfly bath bomb green and yellow

Chrysanthymum Floating Flower bath bomb

Jasmine Flower bath bomb

Marigold bath bomb

Girl Power bubble bar

Hunny Bear massage bar

Raspberry Milkshake soap (new shape)

Mamma Mia shower scrub


Golden Egg

Free Ranger

Carrot Cake

Coco Scrub

Carrot Oil

Lamb Bomb Bomb

Bunny Bomb Bomb

Rose Bombshell Eggm. bath bomb

Stegosaurus Fun Egg bath bomb

Brontosaurus Fun egg bath bomb

Chick Fun Egg

Bunny Fun egg

Yellow Creme Egg

Pink Creme Egg

Beak Street shower bomb

Cocoa Scrub

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