Fun With a Twist

5 out of 5 rating

They made it out of two favorite bath bombs; “Dragon’s Egg” (the orange twist) and “Twilight” (the purple twist).  The citrus with the tonka and lavender is sooo good.  Who knew these two scents would be so wonderful together.  You can also use just the purple piece or just an orange piece to have a purple or orange colored bubble bar.

Here’s my scent family photo

To me this is Lush being innovative. Not that a Fun bar is an entirely new product but up until the creation of this FWAT Fun Bar all the Lush FUN bars were one solid color and one scent.

It worked SO well in this product. Nice Lush! 👏🏼

Lush Kitchen online made this special FUN bar exclusive which isn’t made or sold anywhere on line or in stores to the public.

Heres a video of it

‘Fun with a Twist’ family




lushfunwithatwistfamily copyLush Limited “Fun bar with a Twist” is half Dragon’s Egg bath bomb scent, and half Twilight bath bomb scent.  The purple side is lavender and sweet tonka, and the orange side is orange oil and grapefruit. Gorgeous scent combination!  Three times this has been made and sold only for one day in the online “Lush Kitchen”.