Lush Discontinued 2020!

Here’s a video i made about this.

“When the word “discon” ripples around there’s always a sharp intake of breath as people wonder if their favourite will have its fate sealed. We all have our hero products and stories of heartbreak when something treasured has slipped out of production.

As we look towards a future, lockdown presented an opportunity for Mark Constantine to reflect on the present and try every product again and again to get a better understanding of what we are offering. Backed by The Secret Masterplan there were clear criteria:

  • Does it serve customer’s needs?
  • Is it number one in its category?
  • Is it part of a cosmetic revolution?

12 weeks, 116 days and a lot of 4pm baths later a clear idea was forming, and with review from Lush analysts, there is a list.

There are bound to be some disappointments but far many more opportunities as we make room to create things that are best in their class – fewer products, that give you better results. 

We have a dedicated team of product inventors bursting with ideas that will knock your socks off. For sneak peeks and all the BTS action of what’s to come (make sure you check out our inventor’s social media profiles) and check out #lushcommunity. “

It will take a while before these are all gone, but as always at Lush nothing is often gone forever. The newly launched Kitchen subscription box is not only a monthly delivery of retro favourites and some surprises, but also offers subscribers a chance to vote on the contents, so maybe your favourite will be back sooner than expected

11 thoughts on “Lush Discontinued 2020!

  1. Aah! I’m confused though – the list of to be discontinued makeup has a comma after the last one, and then the next image starts with a different category – are other makeup products being continued that aren’t on the first image? I must know! I love their makeup!!!

    • Hi hon. Oops i must’ve cut it off. Here’s the whole makeup one that i coped and pasted from the original link

      Discontinued Make-up –
      All shades of Beyond Foundation Liquid Foundation.
      Lipsticks – Banjul, Bissau, Caracus, Chouf, Dubai, Haarlem. Harare, Havana, Jaipur, Kingston, Kwinella, Lahore, Linz, Lulea, Madrid, Manchester, Mandalay, Maun, Milano, Mogadishu, Paris, Porto Alegre, Porto, Pretoria, Sapporo, Tokyo, Tomsk, Windhoek.
      Eyeliners – Calico, Ceriths, Coquina, Cowrie, Periwinkle, Tellin.
      Glow Sticks – Ibis, Lark, Peacock, Rock Dove, Sunbird. Loose Bronzer – Desert Island.

      • Thank you so much! Ah, I’m honestly mostly happy with Lush’s to be discontinued list this year – I’m glad they’ll be reducing their line and streamlining a bit to make the choosing products less overwhelming, and I’m really excited to see what new and improved things they come up with instead! The things I’m most sad about are Sunflower deo (but I think I’ll manage without), Karma cream, I’m VERY upset about Sugar Daddy-O so they had better come up with a good solid conditioner to replace it, and I’m also quite sad about the salted coconut scrub 🙁 And both the balms!

        I’ll watch your video now 🙂 x

      • Also there’s no soap on the discontinued list – is that a mistake or true? I guess I’ll find out in your video but if it’s true I’m glad. I love their soaps 🙂

  2. I find it odd that so many products are being discontinued but I believe it prolly does have something to do with covid. I live in the tri state area which is a hot covid zone and since lockdown (end of March) people (including myself) have been really tightening their belts with purchases. Food is still limited and very expensive here and ppl are really looking at their budgets. I bought a few lush items but way less than I use to.

  3. I don’t think I’ve ever commented before but just wanted to say I’m a huge (!) fan of what you do. I don’t live anywhere near a Lush store anymore so have had to do all of my shopping ‘blind’ online so your videos and blogs have made all of the difference when I’m deciding what new goodies to purchase. Watched your video today about the discontinuations and totally share your frustration. My mind’s kind of blown about Karma Kream and I just ordered what might? be my last big tub today. While I understand that Lush is looking to trim their collection, I have to admit I’m more than a little frustrated. Brazened Honey breaks my heart because it’s sold in store only – so I’m never going to get to use it again. 🙁 Thank you for all you do & (virtual) hugs from Canada. XX

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