Fluffy Egg

3 out of 5 rating

This is in the Lush Candy Fluff/Melting Marshmallow Moments bath oil.

Not my favorite scent.

This is a cute pink but simple little easter egg bath bomb. It fizzes quickly.

2.95 gap (converted to US dollars is $4.23)

Lush made various eggs like this in the past such as ‘Magic’ egg, ‘English Countryside’ egg, ‘Choccy egg’, and ‘Fluffy egg’.


Ingredients: Sodium Bicarbonate, Citric Acid, Perfume, Synthetic Musk, Benzyl Benzoate, Colour 45410, Colour 18050, Candy Flowers


Lush Times Online: Our Candy Fluff perfume stuffed into a compact egg. Limited Eggition for Easter. Drop it (and yourself) into a warm bath and enjoy the fragrant fizzy froth.

Pretty in pink, this bath bomb is better than any chocolate egg. Step into the sweetest pink waters and soak until the irrestistible smell of candy floss lingers all over your body. Some Snow Fairy shower gel fans may recognise the utterly delicious fragrance of this Easter offering! Either way, it’s good enough to satisfy the sweetest tooth.


Here’s a demo video i made of this bath bomb in the tub


Best Washes

See my demo video below. New at lush Oxford street and online at lush.co.uk

Best Washes shower wash card.

Made with the Lush “Snow Fairy” scent.


Made from melon pull, not trees! You just tear off a small piece and wash with it like soap. Not only does it cleanse, but it’s moisturizing too, and your left with the scent of snow fairy your skin. Fairly economical too, a little tiny piece goes a long way.

Mechanic soap

It has the Lush “Snow Fairy” scent.
An exfoliating Pumice soap to remove ingrained dirt.
Cold-pressed means no heat was used to bind the fresh ingredients together.

The lack of heat helps the oils retain all of their fragrance and fresh nutrients.

Scent family portraits (reincarnated Lush products)

Remember, I have a lot more that i need to add.  Check here regularly.  I add to this at *least* once a week if not more. and I update regularly because Lush is always adding things. 

Big Blue

Big Blue bath bomb

Bubbling Under

Enchanted Island bath melt


Blue skies and Fluffy White Clouds

Blue Skies and Fluffy White Clouds solid bubble bar

Blue skies and Fluffy White Clouds liquid bubble bath

Ol’ Blue Skies is back shower gel


Celebrate scent family members

Bubbly shower gel

Champagne Snow Showers jelly

Champagne Snow Showers perfume

Champagne Snow Showers shower gel

Champagne Supernova bath bomb

Christmas Party bath bomb

Celebrate body lotion

Celebrate Fun bar

Celebrate perfume (liquid, spray)

Celebrate solid perfume

Celebrate shower gel

Celebrate jelly

First Snow dusting powder

Golden Wonder bath bomb

Supernova (or champagne supernova) bath bomb

Christmas Party bath bomb


Creamy Candy

Rockstar soap

Creamy Candy melt

Creamy Candy bubble bar

Creamy Candy body lotion

Creamy Candy liquid perfume spray

Candy Cane bubble bar


Snow Fairy

Best Washes Oxford Street shower sheet

Candy Floss showder
Candy Fluff Easter Egg

Candy Fluff powder

Candy Fluff perfume

Fairy Dust powder

Godmother soap

I am a radiant being

Kiss Chase gift set

Magic Wand reusable Christmas bubble bar

Mechanic cold pressed Oxford Street soap

Melting Marshmellow Moment bath melt

Snow Fairy FUN bar

Snow Fairy lip tint

Snow Fairy massage bar

Snow Fairy solid perfume

Snow Fairy shower and hair gel (Christmas 2005)


“Love” scent family 2015

“Granny Takes a Dip” scent family

“Mumkin” scent family

“Vanillary” scent family
“Calacas scent family 2015

“Lord of Misrule” scent family 2015

“Ultra Violet” scent family 2016

Furze scent family 2015

Twilight scent family

Black Pearl scent family

Butterball family

Layer Cake scent family

Somewhere Over the rainbow scent family

Bertie scent family

The Happy pill Family Reunion

The Smell of Weather Turning Family

Yuzu and Cocoa Family portrait

Sakura  family portrait

Sex Bomb Family portrait


Yog Nog Family



Jungle Family



Undercover Family



So White family




Cinders Family



Uluru Family



Leap Frog



Blue Skies and Fluffy White Clouds Family



After 8:30 Family



Summer Blues Family




Fever Family




Plum Duff Family



Reincarnative products – by scent

I started creating the list below in 2003 in order to list all the Lush Products made throughout the years that were made with the same scent as previous completely different Lush products.  I made it so that people who liked a certain product, could find that same scent in another lush product, etc.  It’s a work in progress.
I call these “reincarnative” Lush products,
This thread is also “stickied” towards the top of the “Product Questions” section of the Lush forum. I hope you find it useful.

Almond/Rose (Marzipan)

Marzibain bubble bar

“Oops!” facial moisturizer

Smitten hand cream

Snow Angel
Snow on Snow dusting powder

Snowcake shower gel
Snowcake soap
Snowcake perfume


Yog Nog

Yog Nog bath bomb

Yog Nog Fun bar

Yog Nog perfume liquid

Yog Nog perfume solid

Yog Nog soap



A Little Monkey bubble bar
Banana Moon soap
Gumback Express smoothie


Candy scent
Creamy Candy bath melt

Creamy Candy Bath bubble bar

Creamy Candy body lotion

Creamy Candy perfume

Rockstar soap


Candy scent II

Best Washes Oxford Street shower sheet

Candy Floss showder
Candy Fluff Easter Egg

Candy Fluff powder

Candy Fluff perfume

Fairy Wand reusable bubble bar

Godmother soap

Kiss Chase gift set

Mechanic cold pressed Oxford Street soap

Melting Marshmellow Moment bath melt

Snow Fairy body conditioner

Snow Fairy lip tint

Snow Fairy massage bar

Snow Fairy solid perfume

Snow Fairy shower and hair gel (Christmas 2005)


Cardamom/Neroli Oil/Ginger/Almond/Ylang Ylang/Rose
Elixir bubble bar
Elixir bath melt


Carnation/Tangerine/ Rose
Almond Kisses moisturizer
Potion body lotion
Santa Monica (Christmas 2004) ballistic
Ruby Red Slippers bubble bar slice (Christmas 2005)
Potion perfume (2006)


The Carrot

The Carrot soap

Bunch of Carrots reusable bubble bar

Snowman jelly

Snowman FUN bar


In The Nude bath melt
Dreamwash smoothie
Fresh Farmacy facial cleanser

Dream Wash roulade smoothie


Chocolate/ Orange
Sonic Death Monkey shower gel
Whipstick lip balm
Heavenly Bodies buttercream


13 Rabbits chocolate & ginger bubble bath

13 Rabbits shower gel

13 Rabbits chocolate & ginger bath melt


After 8:30 massage bar
Chocolate Meltdown Ballistic


Sparkle Spice soap
Reddy For Christmas soap
Spice Mountain soap


Phoenix bubble bar
Phoenix melt


Bathos bubble bar
Bathos bath foam
Bathos perfume


Clove/White chocolate/Violet
Skinny Dip shower gel/skin conditioner
Skinny Dip buttercream


Coolaulin conditioner
Trichomania solid shampoo truckle
I Should Coco soap


Cafe Latte ballistic
The Wuss bubble bar


Currants (black or red) Cassis

Reindeer Rock
Snap the Whip exfoliating body butter square
Sweetie Pie shower jelly
The Comforter bubble bar
The Comforter body lotion

The Comforter shower cream
The Comforter shower gel


Currant , Lavender, Frankincense
Black Pearl ballistic
Black Pearl perfume

‘Twas the Night Before Christmas soap


Jingle Spells

Jingle Jelly

Red Rice

Wizard bubble bar


Fresh Floral: Summer/Spring fowers
Dreaming of Summer bath oil
Summer Blues ballistic


Fruity Fruit punch-like
Angel’s Delight soap
Golden Moon soap
Wimbledon Tennis ball ballistic


Geophyzz ballistic
Green Party ballistic
Greenwash soap
Go Green perfume
Hilary special shower gel
Squeaky Green round shampoo
The Greench deoderant



Happy Hippy shower gel

Grapefruit/Mandarin Orange/Lemon/Frankincense/Olive oil

The Happy Pill ballistic
Pop in the Bath bubble bar
The Olive Branch shower gel
The Olive Branch Lotion
The Olive Branch perfume

Wash You Were Here shower sheet


Grapefruit and Orange

Bridal Bouqet


Celebrate body lotion

Celebrate perfume

Celebrate shower gel

Champagne Snow Showers jelly

Champagne Supernova ballistic

Champagne Supernova perfume

Christmas Party ballistic

First Snow dusting powder

Golden Wonder bath bomb

Snowshowers jelly

Snow showers liquid perfume

Supernova bath bomb


Narcotic shower gel
Mudflats soap


B Never too busy to be beautiful shower and hair gel
Honey Comfort ballistic
Honey Bee Have dusting powder
Honey Waffle soap
Flying Saucers bubble bar
Flying Saucers bath foam
Flying Saucers shower gel


Honey/Orange (Toffe scent)
Bunny I Wahed the Kids Soap (Spring 2006)
Bunny I Washed the Kids Ballistic (Spring 2006)
Den Mother’s Honey Hugs shower gel

Golden Egg
Honey I Washed The Kids soap
Honey I washed the Kids perfume
Honey Bee ballistic
Honey Bee Easter Egg
Honey Bunch Heart giant ballistic
Ma Bar bubble bar

Shoot For The Stars bath bomb
Soft Couer massage bar
Santa’s Hat Christmas gift
Teddy Bears’ Christmas


Reincarnate shampoo truckle
Arabian Bright hair treatment



Floating Flower bath bomb
Flying Fox gel

Flying Fox temple balm
Godiva shampoo bar
Jasmine Henna Fluff Eaze

Lust perfume

Yes Yes Yes massage bar

Youki-Hi ballistic


Jasmine, Musk, Clary Sage
Sex Bomb ballistic

Sex n the Shower emotibomb
Joy of Jelly
Bad Bing Bada Boomb jelly

Play Your Cards Right


Jasmine/ Vetiver/Ylang Ylang
Alkmaar soap
Big Hug soap (Valentine’s 2006)
Christmas Carol ballistic
Fairy Jasmine Ballistic
Fairy Jasmine Family Block ballistic
Pixie Dust Deo powder
Silky Underwear Dusting powder
Turbo Bubble bubble bar
Silky Underwear Perfume


Lemon oil, lemon grass, avocado, rosewood
Avobath ballistic
Avobath easter Egg
Avowash soap
Avojelly (no avocado oil)
Green Wing ballistic
Luck of the Irish


Lavender I
Dreamtime bath melt
Dreamtime temple balm


Lavender, Rosemary, Thyme
French Kiss bbs
Ooh La La soap
Ego massage bar


Lavender, Chamomile, Neroli
Golden Slumbers ballistic
Deep Sleep jelly


Lavender Oil , Rose, Chamomile, Tea Tree
Dream Cream body lotion
Dream On ballistic
Pleasure Dough


Lavender, Currant and Frankincense
Black Pearl ballistic
Black Pearl
‘Twas the Night Before Christmas soap


Sea Vegetable soap
Big Blue ballistic
Bubbling Under bubble bar
Blue Easter Egg


Lavender, Sandalwood Chamomile,
Assis baby shampoo
Ickle Baby Baff
Shnuggle (after shower, before bed) square bar


Each Peach massage bar
You’ve Been Mangoed melt



Bar Humbug


Ghost shower gel
Ghost Writer ballistic
Lily perfume
Lily Savon soap


Slammer ballistic
Slammer shower gel


Milk (coconut and soy), Orange, Patchouli
Aqua Marina facial cleanser
Hot Milk bubble bar
Milky Bar soap


Mimosa flower
Sakura ballistic
Seanick hard shampoo
17 Cherry Lane soap
Sakura perfume


Freeze shower gel
Ice Blue soap


After 8:30 massage bar
Chocolate Meltdown ballistic


Myrrh/bergamot/sandalwood/mandarin orange
Icon perfume
Icon bbs
Icon powder
Icon soap
Icon ballistic


Oak moss/Lime
Fern Shui (checking this)
Green Man ballistic


Prince shower gel
Prince shaving cream
Prince bbs
Prince soap
Prince cologne

Orange Neroli/Tangerine
Happy Soap
Sunnyside bubble bar

Karma perfume
Karma Bubble bbs
Karma ballistic
Karma Sutra ballistic
Lush ballistic
Karma powder
Karma Kream lotion
Karma golden pyramid
Karma shower gel

Orange/Tangerine/Neroli/Bergamot/Mandarin/Lime juice
Sunny Citrus soap
The Sicilian” ballistic

Orange, Oilve oil
The Olive Branch shower gel
Pop in the Bath
King of Mods styling gell
The orange half of ‘the Happy pill”
the Olive Branch lotion
the Olive Branch perfume

Tramp shower and hair gel
Tramp body lotion
Tramp body lotion

Passion Fruit/Kumquat/Cypress/Sandalwood/Ylang Ylang/Vetivert/Chlorophyll/Fresh Figs/Banana.
Jungle solid conditioner
Jungle Jelly

Pink Sugar/Cotton Candy/Musk/Sandalwood
It’s a Date bubble bar
Plum Duff ballistic
Plum Duff Letters To Santa ballistic
Sugar Plum Fairy ballistic
Wimbledon Tennis Ball

Amandopondo bubble bar
Amandopondo perfume
Amandopondo soap
Ring of Roses buttercream

Fever massage bar
Fever soap (only 10 made)
Fever perfume (2006)
Fever shower gel (only 10 made)
Hollywood bubble bar (Christmas 2004)
Mirror Mirror neck cream


Rose geranium, Argan oil, Rose

Jason and the Argan Oil shampoo

Pearl massage bar

Ro’s Argan body conditioner

Rose bubbleroon

Rose Jam perfume

Rose Jam shower gel

Scentenary soap

Sparkler bath bomb



Chelsea Gardens ballistic
Emperor of Ice Cream buttercream

Sex Bomb ballistic
Bada Bing jelly
Joy of Jelly
Play Your cards Right massage bar

French Kiss bbs
Ooh La La soap

Rosemary/Sage/Tea Tree/Lavender
Narcotic shower gel
Mud Flats soap

Floating Island melt
Whitewash smoothie

Assis baby shampoo
Ickle Baby Baff
Shnuggle (after shower, before bed) square bar

Flower Market perfume
Flower Market soap
Flower Market dusting powder
Flower Market bubble bar
Monet’s Garden ballistic

The Big Strawberry melt
Two timing Tart bubble bar
Strawberry Twin Tub jelly

Bunny I Wahed the Kids Soap (Spring 2006)
Bunny I Washed the Kids Ballistic (Spring 2006)
Den Mother’s Honey Hugs shower gel
Honey I Washed The Kids soap
Honey Bee ballistic
Honey Bunch gift heart giant ballistic
Ma Bar bubble bar
Soft Couer massage bar
Santa’s Hat Christmas gift
Honeywood shower gel
Teddy Bear’s Christmas Soap
Teddy Bear’s Christmas Ballistic

Vanilla/ Clary sage/Lavender
American Cream hair conditioner
Bosom Buddy breast cream (sizes: Boob Tube or D Cup) 2006
Flosty Gritter bubble bar 2006
Shimmy Shimmy massage bar
Twinkle ballistic (Yule 2005)
American Cream perfume
American Pie jelly

Gratuitous Violets soap
Gratuitous Violets shower gel
Ne Worry Pas

Bathos bubble bar
Bathos bath foam
Bathos perfume

White Chocolate and Orange
Bob soap
Christmas massage bar

Lush by color
Lemon days & Ginger Beer
Bon Bomb
Honey Bee
Sunny Side
A Little Monkey

Pop in the Bath (green)
Lush bomb
Monet’s Garden
Green Green Bath of Foam
Green day
Jingle Jelly
Jungle Jelly

Big Calm
Blue Skies & Fluffy White clouds
Summer Blues

FizzyO Therapy
Feelgood in the Southern Hemisphere
Hot Toddy
Karma bubble
Hot Milk!
Dream On jelly

World Piece
Bubbling Under
Big Blue
Silver Cloud
Temple of Truth
Ice Blue
Pop in the Bath
Whoosh jelly

Plum Duff
Think Pink
It’s a Date
Flosty Gritter
Sugar Plum
Cramy Candy
Butterfly Bomb
The Comforter
Pop in the Bath
Ring of Roses

A French Kiss
Blackberry Bomb
Jill’s Daisy
Jingle Spells
Happy 4 Sad
Sweetie Pie
Joy of Jelly

Christmas Kisses
Ruby Red Slippers
Christmas Cracker

Silent White

Gratuitous Violets
Butterfly Bomb
Romance in the Stone
Youki H
Ne Worry Pas
Flower market
Chelsea Gardens
Summer Blues
Sex Bomb
Joy of Jelly
Jasmine Fluff Eaze
Flying FoxSakura
17 Cherry Tree Lane
Figs and Leaves
Lily Savon
Ghost Writer
Silky Underwear
Irresistable Bliss
Joy of Jelly
Bada Bing
Silver Cloud

Buddha Bar
Arabian Brights
Temple of Truth
Frnakincense and Beer

You’ve Been Mangoed
Each Peach
The Siclian
Sunny Citrus
Happy Hippy
Happy bubble bar
Happy soap
Happy 4 Sad
Back for Breakfast
Lotta Iotta
Still Life
Lemslip buttercream
Feelgood in the Souther Hemisphere

Soap Sod
Go Green
Green Day
Green Green Bath of Foam
Squeaky Green
The Greench
Merry Christmas HereItIs
Fox in the Flowers

Middle earth Turns to Rock

Ma Bar
Honey I washed the Kids
Mange Too
Soft Couer
Happy Birthday
Lush Pud
Snow on Snow
B Never too busy to be beuaitful
Honey Waffle
I Should Coco
Curly Wurly
Choco La La
Cherie Ripe
Monte Blanc
HaagenbathCreamy Candy
Mmm..Melting Marshmellow momens
Candy Fluff
Honey Bee
Honey Comfort
Sonic Death Monkey
Heavenly Bodies
Almond Butter butter cream
Christmas Kisses
Reddy for Christmas
Hot Toddy
Happy Talk
Lip Squeak

Minty (is it herbal or is it foody?)
Mask of Magnaminty
Ice blue
World Peace
Ice Hotel
Demon in the Dark
Dr. Peppermint

Mud Flats
Ooh La La
A French Kiss

Skinny Dip gel andbuttercream
Flower Market perfume, powder
Potion lotion
Phoenix bubble bar and melt
Wiccy Magic Muscles massage bar
Bathos bubble bar
Jingle Spells ballistic
Jingle Jelly
Monet’s Garden ballistic
Christmas Cracker bubble bar
Reddy for Christmas soap
Something Wicked This Way Comes melt
Lemon Days and Ginger beer ballistic
No 1 Seed soap
Red Rice soap
Bertie soap

Father Christmas

I did a video (below) of Father Christmas in tub.
There have been two different Father Christmas bath bombs. ‘Satsumo Santa’ scented in 2012 was an orange scent, green water and red glitter.

And  ‘Snow Fairy’ vanilla and candy floss scented in 2014 green water and green glitte4.

Ingredients: Sodium Bicarbonate, Citric Acid, Perfume, Mandarin Oil, Bergamot Oil, Orange Flower Absolute, Cream of Tartar, Sodium Laureth Sulfate, Cocamide DEA, Lauryl Betaine, *Limonene, *Linalool, Gardenia extract, Colour 19140, Colour 42090, nColour 14700, Red Glitter.

$6.40 Video below

Lush Times: Take a cheery bath with Papa Noel. Once you pop this sparkling, red, glittery Santa bomb in your tub, it will turn your water from bright red to vivid green, filling your bathroom with a sensual, uplifting satsuma fragrance you may remember from Christmasses past (Satsumo Santa, anyone?). All we want for Christmas is this orangey baby!

This is a fun bath bomb. It darts all around the tub and spews color and glitter all the around the tub. He has a cute little face too.This friendly face is full of sweet-smelling goodness with a fragrance of vanilla and candy floss.  Drop this festive Bath Bomb in your tub for a fun, lighthearted soak.

My video of this bath bomb in the tub