Deep Sleep

5 out of 5 rating. See my 2 minute bath demo video below

A subtley sweet lavender and chamomile scent. An Herbal but slightly sweet scent.

Its great to promote relaxation and sleep.

I asked how to use it and was told that it goes in wrapped because when the bath bomb dissolves lots of lavender and chamomile flowers are left in the bag so it acts as a tea bag for soaking in the tub.

It’s makes the water a gorgeous, jewel-like purple color. No glitter.

My skin feels soft but not overly moisturized.

Deep Sleep makes for Very luxurious feeling.

I soaked for a long time in this awesome bath. I love this bath bomb.

I love how dramatic it looks while being relaxing at the same time.

I would recommend buying one. In fact i would recommend buying two if budget will allow.

Deep Sleep

£2.10 100gs

Ingredients: Sodium Laureth Sulfate, Glycerine, Sunflower Petal Infusion (Hehanthus annuus), Propylene Glycol, Fresh Orange Juice (Citrus dulcis), Carrageenan Extract, Lavender Oil (Lavandula hybrida), Chamomile Oil (Matricaria chamomila), Lavender Absolute (Lavandula hybrida), Neroli Oil (Citrus amara), *Linalool, Perfume, Colour 18050, Gardema Extract (Gardeme jasminoides), Methylparaben, Golden Luste Sparkle.

Review: This smells like heaven to me. You’ve got a lavender citrus that is just a wonderful combination of scents. I couldn’t call it lavender with a bit of orange…and I can’t say it’s citrussy with a bit of lavender. It’s both equally and I never thought that would be such a good combination of scents. Okay, wait, it gets better….it has glitter. Not as much of a staying power as “Joy of Jelly” has on the skin after use, but that , I do like the scent of Deep Sleep much, much more
than the Joy of Jelly.

Lush Description: Trouble sleeping? Relax and cleanse with our calming, mind-detoxing jelly in the shower before bedtime.

Here’s a demo video i made of this jelly


Lavender La Vida Loca (formerly ‘Serendipity’)

French Lavender and Chamomile

‘Don’t leave sweet dreams to chance. Try this skin soothing lavender and chamomile lullaby.’

Here’s the lovely piece i got.  It doesn’t have the sweet tonka note as Twilight.  It’s more of a true lavender scent, matching the “Golden Slumbers’ bath bomb. 

This soap is made into a long pole shape.  And then Lush slices pieces off cross-wise.  Pretty pink purple outter and lavender purple inside. Even though it’s glycerine based, It’s a creamy soap.

Ingredients:  Glycerine, rapeseed oil, lavender flower infusion, french lavender oil, water, dried lavender stem, chamomile blue oil, lavender absolute.

A “Golden Slumbers’ bath bomb would go well with this as both are lavender scented.   “dreamtime” bath oil would go well with this also.